Southern Nevada/Clark County Homeless Housing and Services Gaps Analysis

In 2013, HomeBase conducted a gaps analysis to support ongoing efforts by the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition Committee on Homelessness to lead a more efficient and effective regional response to homelessness.

The gaps analysis updated the region’s understanding of its homeless need. It identified key unmet needs in the housing and service systems – including both overall needs as well as specific sub-population and geographic needs – and strategies to improve system-level effectiveness and efficiency. In particular, the analysis included:

  • Identification of both client-focused and system-level gaps, considering individual programs and the overall functioning of the system as a whole to determine:
    • What else is needed, including new programs and expansion of existing services
    • Changes to make services more effective and accessible
    • Identification of underserved and high priority sub-populations
  • Collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data from diverse sources including:
    • Homeless housing and service provider surveys
    • Consumer focus groups
    • Key informant interviews
    • Review of existing documents, materials, past plans and raw data
    • Stakeholder meetings, including of providers, law enforcement and hospitals
  • Support for development of a collaborative approach for addressing homelessness among local governments, housing and service providers, local businesses and community leaders in the Southern Nevada Region through:
    • Identification of opportunities for coordinating action across diverse sectors working toward a shared vision
    • A framework for alignment of activities and investments across sectors and jurisdictions to achieve a collective impact on homelessness