Santa Clara County/San Jose Continuum of Care

The Santa Clara County Continuum of Care (SCCoC) carried out a HEARTH Implementation Planning process in 2013. The goals of the HEARTH implementation process were to:

  • Meet all HEARTH requirements in a timely way
  • End homelessness
  • Improve coordination
  • Focus the CoC’s work on HEARTH priorities
  • Set strategic long-term goals for systemic change

The Implementation Planning process included six focus areas, selected based on HEARTH themes and requirements.

  • Outcomes and System Performance
  • Governance and Structure
  • Coordinated Assessment
  • Collaboration
  • Program Implementation Support
  • Community Design

For each Focus Area, a group of stakeholders met to review HEARTH requirements, identify local strategic priorities, determine how to implement these elements of HEARTH locally, and design an implementation roadmap (including how to quantify success for the focus area).

A couple of the key changes in the CoC that resulted from this process include:

  • Transitioning the mantel of CoC Board to the Destination: Home Board, the local board leading efforts to end chronic homelessness. This change increased collectivity and accountability in the CoC structure.
  • Creating community-wide performance indicators and targets, as well as developing a system to evaluate and monitor system and program performance. This change allowed the community to better understand its progress on ending homelessness and align community priorities.