Impact & Testimonials


For 25 years, HomeBase has worked as a thought leader and collaborative partner in efforts to end homelessness. Our work is focused on the intersection between affordable housing and healthcare and other support services, crafting integrated solutions that address the myriad factors contributing to housing loss. 

We currently work in 35 communities across 18 states and 7 regions of the country, managing an average of 20 contractual engagements at a time.  Since our inception, in California alone, we have assisted hundreds of homeless housing and service providers in 52 communities to create and sustain over 25,000 year-round beds for homeless individuals and families, and to fashion linkages to health and social services that support ongoing housing retention. 

We present an annual average of 36 technical assistance trainings community coordinators and homeless service providers, including web-based training formats. We organize an annual average of 10 regional forums reaching approximately 43 communities on topics including homelessness and poverty; legislative and policy updates; coordination among homeless service providers, public agencies, and private actors; and available funding opportunities. We are currently facilitating and implementing 8 community-wide plans to end homelessness across five- and ten-year periods, and supporting additional communities and agencies in the design and implementation of cutting-edge housing and service programs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"The HomeBase team works as you hope a contractor will work. They get projects done according to schedule and per expectation, communicate clearly, work with professionalism and humor, and have a thorough array of knowledge of HUD policy and related issues within their team. They made my transition into a new role as easy as it could be, and continue to support the County of Santa Clara and SCC Continuum of Care valuably." 

-- Hilary Barroga, Continuum of Care Quality Improvement Manager, Santa Clara County, California

"HomeBase have given us exceptional professional guidance and assistance as we develop our new strategic plan and funding strategies. They have gathered an amazing level of relevant statistical information to support our key initiatives and have served as a strong backdrop for the five community forums they organized and facilitated. Due to their efforts, our organization is more focused and better positioned to deliver our message and programming." 

-- Vicki L. Winston, President, Board of Directors, Girls Inc.

"For the last 3 years I have been regularly attending the HomeBase coordinated Northern California/Central Valley Homeless Roundtable. I wouldn't miss it for anything! The Roundtables always have a varied, currently relevant, lively agenda. Whether the participant is a CoC lead, shelter staff member, homeless person, or an HMIS system administrator like me, s/he will be presented with a topic of interest and practical application. One of my favorite segments is the the legislative update, which is included in every Roundtable agenda. Where else can one get up-to-the-minute homeless legislative updates? With my HMIS bias, I find the frequently scheduled HMIS breakout sessions particularly helpful. I always go home with new, valuable HMIS tips and tricks. The Roundtables are always well attended by a group of dedicated, caring people devoted to assisting homeless people and to ultimately ending homelessness. I highly recommend the Northern California/Central Valley Homeless Roundtable to anyone involved in serving the homeless." 

-- Georgia H. Trehey, HMIS System Administrator, Humboldt County, California