Building Housing Opportunities

Demand for rental housing is increasing around the country, and especially so in the Bay Area. Housing cost burdens for renters have risen dramatically in recent years, to the point where nearly half of all renters nationwide report paying more than 30 percent of their income for rent, and almost a quarter of all renters report spending more than half of their income for housing. We’ll discuss the causes for this housing crisis and some policy ideas for meeting the rental housing needs of our lowest-income, most vulnerable households.
With the Bay Area housing market at unprecedented levels of competition, locating private market housing for folks with housing subsidies, questionable credit histories, eviction records, and other barriers can be incredibly challenging. We’ll discuss best practices for engaging landlords to overcome housing attainment barriers.
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, jurisdictions across the East Coast were faced with thousands of people in evacuation shelters, many of which were not equipped to provide the services that evacuees needed. Though the Bay Area does not face the threat of hurricanes, how would our communities respond to an equivalent crisis, such as an earthquake?
Based on data collected under HPRP, HUD has placed a national emphasis on Rapid Re-Housing. Where does this leave homelessness prevention in our communities? Which communities are continuing to provide prevention services, and how are they responding to the data-collection and performance measurement challenges associated with homelessness prevention?
Public Housing Authorities are a crucial part of the housing spectrum, but may be disconnected from CoC activities. We’ll discuss key elements of a successful PHA and best practices for coordinating with your local housing authority, including tools and program models available in CSH’s Public Housing Authority Toolkit.
Learn about the demographics and needs of the vehicularly housed, and discuss the best practices for serving this population.