San Francisco SRO Hotel Leasing and Landlord Engagement Report

In conjunction with the development of the SRO Hotel Inventory, HomeBase worked with the City and County of San Francisco to develop a report on how to increase participation by owners/landlords in homeless housing and broaden the unit base. The report contains a Strategic Leasing Plan and a Landlord Engagement Strategy -- both are crucial to ensuring that chronic homeless clients can move on, quickly and successfully to permanent housing.

Strategic Leasing Plan

The strategic leasing plan developed by HomeBase provided the City and County with the following:

  • An overview of a “Stepping Up” Program and its requirements (These programs assist permanent supportive housing (PSH) residents who no longer require the intensive level of care and support of a permanent supportive housing program to move into new non-PSH units, thus freeing up permanent supportive housing units for those who need them.) 
  • An overview of Master Leasing and Scattered Site leasing strategies including: the costs, opportunities, and risks associated with each, core elements of an effective strategy, and recommendations and next steps
  • Examples from the field, partnership highlights, and out-of-the-box initiatives (e.g. profiles of successful leasing strategies in San Francisco and other communities experiencing similar challenges, such as a high cost housing market, low vacancy rate and large numbers of homeless individuals).

Landlord Engagement Strategy

Each of the leasing strategies discussed above requires the engagement and support of San Francisco’s landlords. Therefore the remainder of the report focused on a comprehensive and robust triumvirate approach to building a sustainable landlord partnership network:

  • Access - Establishment of a coordinated system utilizing diverse entry points to reach a broad network of potential partner landlords
  • Engage & Sustain - Cultivation of landlord relationships through targeted messaging and community-oriented strategies tailored to landlords’ central motivations and concerns
  • Mitigate - Strategic program components that can reduce adverse business impact, assuage landlord fears, and maintain relationships of trust.

The Report concludes with a summary of recommendations and next steps and includes appendices focused on the estimated efficacy and costs of of various leasing and landlord engagement strategies.