Martha Fleetwood, J.D. Meet Marty

Founder and Executive Director
415-788-7961 x312 |

Alicia Lehmer, M.A. Meet Alicia

Policy Analyst
415-788-7961 x315 |

Ali Rabe, J.D. Meet Ali

Staff Attorney
415-788-7961 x335 |

Alissa Weber, J.D. Meet Alissa

Staff Attorney
415-788-7961 x335 |

Allison Ulrich, J.D. Meet Allison

Staff Attorney
415-788-7961 x341 |

Amanda Wehrman, J.D. Meet Amanda

Deputy Managing Director
415-788-7961 x308 |

Azieb Nicodimos Meet Azieb

Financial Administrative Assistant
415-788-7961 x348 |

Beile Lindner, J.D. Meet Beile

Staff Lawyer
415-788-7961 x316 |

Bernadette Hernandez  Meet Bernadette

415-788-7961 x313 |

Beth Theriault  Meet Beth

415-788-7961 x323 |

Bridget Kurtt DeJong, J.D. Meet Bridget

Managing Director, State and Local Programs
415-788-7961 x324 |

Carolyn Wylie, J.D. Meet Carolyn

Deputy Managing Director
415-788-7961 x309 |

Chantal Page Meet Chantal

415-788-7961 |

Chloe Noonan, J.D. Meet Chloe

Staff Lawyer
415-788-7961 x345 |

Eli Hamilton, J.D. Meet Eli

Staff Attorney
415-788-7961 x305 |

Elizabeth Roehm, J.D. Meet Elizabeth

Staff Lawyer
415-788-7961 x328 |

Emily Firgens, M.P.P. Meet Emily

Policy Analyst
415-788-7961 x346 |

Erica McWhorter, J.D. Meet Erica

Staff Lawyer
415-788-7961 x337 |

Genevieve Herreria, J.D. Meet Genevieve

Staff Attorney
415-788-7961 x318 | genevieve@homebaseccc.rg

George Martin, M.P.A. Meet George

Policy Analyst
415-788-7961 x340|

Gillian Morshedi, J.D. Meet Gillian

Staff Attorney
415-788-7961 x301 |

James Roop Meet James

Executive Assistant
415-788-7961 x319 |

Jason Green-Lowe, J.D. Meet Jason

Staff Attorney
415-788-7961 x326 |

Jean Field, J.D. Meet Jean

Deputy Managing Director
415-788-7961 x327 |

Jeremy Haile, J.D. Meet Jeremy

Staff Lawyer
415-788-7961 x306 |

Jessie Hewins, J.D. Meet Jessie

Staff Attorney
415-788-7961 x342 |

Joni Canada, J.D. Meet Joni

Deputy Managing Director
415-788-7961 x320 |

Katie Winkelstein-Duveneck, M.F.A Meet Katie

Policy Analyst

Kelly Shaban, J.D. Meet Kelly

Staff Attorney
415-788-7961 x351|

Kendra Livingston, J.D. Meet Kendra

Legal Analyst
415-788-7961 x336|

Kevin Knapp, J.D. Meet Kevin

Legal Analyst

Lynn Nesselbush, M.P.P. Meet Lynn

Policy Analyst
415-788-7961 x351 |

Marie Libeson, M.A. Meet Marie

415-788-7961 x325 |

Matt Olsson, J.D. Meet Matt

Staff Attorney
415-788-7961 x314 |

Meadow Robinson, J.D. Meet Meadow

Staff Attorney
415-788-7961 x302 |

Natalie Metzger-Smit, M.P.A. Meet Natalie

Policy Analyst
415-788-7961 x339 |

Neil Honda Meet Neil

Project Manager for Data, Technology, and Creative Projects
415-788-7961 x334 |

Nikka Rapkin, J.D. Meet Nikka

Deputy Managing Director
415-788-7961 x303 |

Patrick WigmoreMeet Patrick

Deputy Managing Director
415-788-7961 x338 |

Piper Ehlen, J.D. Meet Piper

Managing Director - Federal Programs
415-788-7961 x304 |

Sasha Drozdova, J.D. Meet Sasha

Staff Attorney
415-788-7961 x329 |

Talia Gilbert Meet Talia

Research Associate
415-788-7961 x333 |

Tara Ozes, J.D. Meet Tara

Staff Attorney
415-788-7961 x332 |