Here at HomeBase, we work tirelessly both internally and alongside communities and partners to address the root causes of homelessness and develop community-based solutions. Our work draws upon decades’ of research and unique, varied experience, as well as ongoing innovation, and we want to make our expertise and ideas more available to all who seek it. We’re all in this together, and we each have particular strengths to contribute to the collective effort.

Through Beyond Homelessness, we aim to inspire elevated and less-conventional thinking about the information, tools, processes, and system changes needed to truly move us all past the crisis of homelessness. Beyond Homelessness will highlight our current research efforts and findings (often on topics outside the housing and homelessness landscape), provide guidance and resources for communities looking to dive more deeply into evidence-based and innovative practices and programs, and include connections to ideas and work happening outside the realm of housing and homelessness that directly impacts the ability of our neighbors to find, access, and maintain housing.

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Volume 1 / Issue 1 - January 2018: This issue focuses on the effects of natural disasters on persons experiencing homelessness and the systems intended to serve them. Inside you'll find a variety of strategies, action steps, tools, and resources to help your organization or community prepare for disaster. You'll also find an interview with the Director at Mariposa County Human Services about that community's disaster response and recovery efforts during and after California's devastating wildfires in the summer of 2017, including advice for other communities who may face similar disasters.


Current Issue: Disaster Preparedness, Relief, and Recover (January 2018)

What's in a Name?

We chose "Beyond Homelessness" for two primary reasons.

The first is aspirational: we are thinking past the point of ending homelessness. While that is a necessary and noble goal, we are looking beyond that horizon, to a time and place where not only does everyone have safe and stable housing, but also equal access to health care, justice, education, and economic security.

The second is practical: to turn our collective aspiration into reality, all of us working to end homelessness must expand our thinking and our efforts beyond the specific response to homelessness and into the complex network of systems and safety net resources whose combined limitations and failings contribute to the existence and persistence of large-scale homelessness. We must expand our perspectives and search for solutions outside of our own spheres to achieve the kind of innovation required to end homelessness.

We certainly did not coin the phrase “Beyond Homelessness,” but we strive to contribute to and inspire the type of elevated and innovative thinking its promise holds.